The Mining Power Investment Better Suited for Crypto Beginners

Foreword: For most financially unsuccessful people, they failed because the agony of losing money out-shadowed the pleasure of earning money.

The digital currency industry just underwent another round of brutal growth. Bitcoin price soared to a new all-time high. It became the focus once again. Average investors are tempted to jump at the chance but most of them don’t know what exactly they need to do. How should cryptocurrency beginners make a successful entry into the blockchain industry and earn a stable return?

Strategic thinking of making investment

Risks and returns are proportional to each other. Facing the highly volatile cryptocurrency world, it is important to stay optimistic about the future of blockchain. Regarding your investment strategy, you should adopt the mentality of ‘less prediction and more patience’. Ride the tide, rather than trying to catch it.

Some people have concluded that two types of people can achieve financial freedom in the Bitcoin world: those who sell mining machines and those who hoard coins.

Selling mining machine is no longer feasible. Hence hoarding coins might be the only choice. There are two ways to obtain coins. To buy them with fiat money, or to mine them.

Therefore, cryptocurrency beginners must learn asset allocation. It is best to pair mainstream digital currency with mining power assets.

On one hand, from the perspective of the general economic cycle, one should choose a few reliable mainstream coins (top 10 market cap) and wait for a foreseeable bull market. Any financial market has obvious bull and bear cycles. Therefore, waiting is definitely the most valuable investment principle for every beginner to follow. Buy and hold, then get on with your daily life. This strategy reduces unnecessary anxiety. In the end, you will earn a considerable income with minimum effort. Many successful investors such as Barry Silbert and Michael Novogratz all accumulate their fortune by holding onto their Bitcoins for the long run.

This strategy is not complicated at all. However, people often fail to overcome their own fear. After all, it is only human nature that investors tend to sell when the price is dropping and buy when the price is rising. The results are often cruel. The vast majority of the investors fail to hold onto their investment. This is the reason why they missed the chance of becoming rich. If you could control your impulse, buy in the bear market and sell in the bull market, you are likely to outperform 90% of the investors.

On the other hand, from the perspective of yield and stability, the best option is to invest in mining powers.

If you know something about the blockchain technology, you will know that becoming a miner is the best way for a cryptocurrency beginner to enter the blockchain industry.

Cloud mining is a commonly accepted practice in recent years. Cloud mining is relatively cost-effective compared to traditional mining machines. The investors would not need to worry about machine operation and maintenance. They also do not need to pay high electricity fees. They can just buy mining power from cloud mining platforms then enjoy the mining income with ease.

As a matter of fact, mining power is like an energy token. It consolidates the physical properties of mining machines, electricity, and technology. It represents the potentiality to obtain digital currency in the future. The value of mining power will increase with the value of the coin. Getting a head start will continuously help your success every step of the way.

DMEX becomes a bridge that connects miners and users

DMEX is a decentralized cloud mining power financial services platform. It has a rigorous screening mechanism to select the most strong and qualified miners to provide maximum benefit to the users. DMEX gathers effective mining powers and tokenizes them into NFT. With the addition of DeFi instruments, users can trade effective mining power at any time. They can also utilize DeFi collateral backed loans. With the added protection from DAO communal governance, DMEX mobilizes users’ assets and solves the shortcomings of traditional cloud mining platforms. DMEX also reconciles the conflict and trust crisis between miners and users by building a secure and transparent platform.

DMEX connects users, miners, and platforms. It achieves a fair benefit distribution and creates a just and trustworthy financial environment.

In the future, DMEX may adopt a new role in the financial system. In addition to earning mining income on DMEX platform, users might also earn additional incomes from various creative financial derivatives. Platform tokens and other assets will also provide passive income to DMEX investors.

DMEX will not be limited to Filecoin mining power. It is set to cover more valuable underlying assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum mining power as well as other high-quality digital assets. DMEX will penetrate the entire industry chain and issue their own platform tokens. As for the specific token distribution details, please wait for the official project announcement.

A project with genuine long-term value must strive to break through existing stereotypes and explore for new applications of the blockchain technology.

For cryptocurrency beginners, the best strategy is to join the mining business as soon as possible. Ride with the new technology, enjoy the benefit of a rapidly developing platform. Now is the perfect timing to seize the opportunity of this era.

DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.