The DMEX Faucet is Coming! Fill Up Your Gas with DMEX!

The high GAS fees and serious network congestion on Ethereum are very unfriendly to crypto users. DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service aiming at lowering the entry barriers for everyone to participate in crypto mining. In order to minimize the impact of high gas fee, DMEX chose to deploy our platform on the Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) because HECO has a very low gas fee. On average, merely 1 HT (~$10) is enough for about 100 transactions!

To make crypto mining even easier for DMEX users, we decide to launch a new promotional campaign to give away free HT gas! Come and join the official global DMEX group ( to claim your free HT gas fee!

How to Claim Your Free HT Gas Fee:

1. Participants should follow DMEX’s official Twitter account and repost the pinned tweet (@DMEX_finance:

2. Participants should join the DMEX telegram chat group (

3. Participants should send the following command in the DMEX chat group so that our faucet bot can recognize the command and fill up your gas tank:

‘DMEX faucet + wallet address’

For example: ‘DMEX faucet 0x778bde0ffcefb973af9faad581c65549e7bd49c0’

You will receive a success message ‘Your HT has been sent.’ within 10~30 seconds. Then you can go check your wallet for your free HT and DMC. We hope you enjoy filling up your gas with DMEX :)

Eligibility Check:

1. The wallet address you provide must be a HECO chain address. If you don’t have one, please download a Heco compatible wallet from and either create a new Heco address or import your existing Ethereum address to Heco Chain.

2. The wallet address you provide cannot have any HT or DMC balance. i.e. Your address should contain zero HT and zero DMC balance. Other wise the faucet bot will automatically decline your request.

3. The total reward would be 0.01HT and 10DMC for each unique wallet address/each unique telegram ID. Repeated requests will be nullified.

4. The DMEX faucet will only confirm 500 requests per day. When 500 gas has been distributed, the bot will not accept new requests until the next day.

Terms & Conditions:

1. You must join the DMEX telegram chat group. You must complete all the required tasks as been listed above.

2. You must follow DMEX’s Twitter account and retweet our daily pinned post regarding this event.

3. The submission is limited to one distribution per unique wallet address/per unique telegram ID.

4. DMEX reserves the right to disqualify any participant if they involve in any violation that would disadvantage other average participants, examples include but not limited to creating multiple accounts and producing fake screenshots.

5. DMEX reserves the right of final explanations for terms and conditions. By participating in this promotion, the user accepts all the Rules, Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your interest in DMEX and we look forward to seeing you in our newest promotional activity.


1. I don’t have a HECO chain address. Can I use any other wallet address?

HT and DMC are both running on the Huobi HECO Chain. So it is necessary that you provide a HECO chain address to receive HT and DMC. Here is a list of all the wallets that supports Heco:

2. How do I know whether my request is successful or not?

Once you send the correct command, the DMEX faucet bot will reply with one of the following messages:

(a) One moment, DMEX is filling up your gas.

(b) We’re running out of gas today, please come back tomorrow.

Gas unavailable. Please re-confirm your eligibility.

When the DMEX faucet bot successfully sent HT and DMC to your address, you will receive a message stating that ‘Your HT has been sent.’

3. What can I do with HT and DMC?

HT is the essential gas fee of the Heco Chain. DMC is very useful in multiple scenarios, for example, you can use DMC to buy mining power NFT products on DMEX, invest in FIL mining, participate in DAO voting and governance, and participate in exclusive promotion events and airdrops on DMEX.

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.