Staking with DMEX: A Secure and Efficient Digital Asset Value-Added Solution

Recently, there have been heated debates about staking in the crypto asset market. Some people believe that the staking economy is a great innovation to promote wide adoption of crypto investment for the average users, while some people are still hesitating on potential revenue and risk. With those divergent opinions, it is natural for one to ask, what is staking and how does staking benefit the average crypto users?

Staking = Deposit and Earn

Staking can be simply interpreted as depositing your token and earning interest. Those two terms ‘staking’ and ‘mining’ are often used interchangeably since many crypto analysts see many similarities between staking and mining. The two most common categories of crypto mining are Proof of Work mining (PoW) and Proof of Stake mining (PoS). Obviously the rather colloquial term ‘staking’ came from the technical jargon ‘Proof of Stake’. So what does stake means and how do you prove your stake? ‘Stake’ is essentially your crypto token asset, and you prove your stake by depositing your crypto token asset in the ‘staking pool’. Once you’ve made the deposit and proven your stake, the pool will generate more tokens to reward you. In essence, the PoS mechanism or the staking behaviour in the crypto space is not so different from demand deposits or term deposits from traditional centralized banks. You deposit your fund and earn interest, very straightforward, right?

The Advantages of Staking with DMEX

Compares with other forms of crypto investments, staking has the advantages of lower risk, better liquidity, and a more stable income, which are all very friendly to crypto beginners and average users with limited funds. Take the staking product provided by DMEX (, a very popular decentralized mining power financial service platform in recent months, as an example. DMEX’s staking pool offers a stable daily income and 24/7 flexible entry & exit. Unlike banks who typically payout deposit interest once per month. DMEX pays out your deposit interest on a daily basis. i.e. your staking rewards are credited to you every single day.

If you haven’t heard of DMEX, now is the time to learn about this strong platform. DMEX is a crypto mining and staking platform with a strong and comprehensive technical framework as well as two thorough security audits. DMEX supports three crypto networks, namely, ETH1.0, Heco, and BSC. At present, DMEX provides a staking pool for Filecoin, USDT, and their platform token DMC. The annualized rate of return (commonly known as APY) well exceeds 20%. This APY is very juicy since traditional bank typically only offers 1% to 4% APY for demand deposit and term deposits. According to the DMEX press release, they will add more mainstream crypto assets staking pools for BTC and ETH soon. These two crypto tokens are widely regarded as the best crypto to earn and hold.

The biggest advantage of the staking product provided by DMEX is its great flexibility. Users are free to deposit or withdraw any time they want, 24 hours a day on any day of the year. Every hour is business hour, and every minute is the time to earn. In addition, when the user stakes on DMEX, besides the regular staking income, DMEX also rewards users with DLP tokens. The DLP token can then be staked in the PoW mining pool to generate a compounded DMC income. DMC is DMEX’s platform token, it can be used for purchase, it is also a governance token that grants all DMEX users voting right in the platform’s community self-governance (DAO) referendum. In short, with DMEX’s staking pools, users can enjoy multiple high APY returns with one investment.

With the volatile market conditions in recent months, many wise investors turn to seek secure and stable investment options. Staking with DMEX is definitely among one of the most ideal choices. DMEX is a well-trusted comprehensive mining power financial service platform with more than 300,000 users worldwide. By staking with DMEX, users can obtain a stable staking income, while enjoying excellent asset liquidity so that they can still respond to market changes in a timely manner. This is the ultimate one-stop solution to both earning a stable income and mitigating market risks. Don’t wait on, try DMEX today and start earning a stable income right away.

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