Introducing DMEX: Ultimate Solution of Fixing Cloud Mining With NFTs

A few years ago, crypto mining enthusiasts used to maintain basements full of expensive specialized computers and complex cooling facilities at home. They spend hours and days learning blockchain knowledge and troubleshooting network malfunctions. Crypto mining was such an endeavor that requires extensive knowledge and resources.

For now, everything has changed in the era of Cloud Computing!

Rather than taking every single thing into their own hands, savvy crypto users started to rent computing power from professional mining platforms with powerful miners and sophisticated technical support. Now, with a click of a button, everyone can start mining crypto tokens without worrying about equipment or maintenance.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining is the procedure of producing cryptocurrencies by utilizing rented computing power from a third party (cloud mining service provider). Actually, the miner participates in a “Mining Farm” (remote/hybrid data center devoted to crypto mining) by purchasing a particular amount of “hash power” from the service providers. In exchange, the service provider will give them permission to access the rewards that are equal to the amount of the computer power or hashing power purchased by the miners.

Further, the mining power is taken out via cloud, so miners do not need to worry about their computer equipment maintenance, energy bills, heat or noise.

Usually, for finding a reliable cloud mining services provider, miners need to select the type of contract to sign and the preferred duration. Also, they have to make advanced payments either in digital currencies or Fiat currencies. After the payment, the service provider will equip them with everything they need for the mining to function.

Cloud Mining is Efficient and Convenient

The key purpose of Cloud mining is to make mining convenient and more accessible. Cloud mining is more accessible than buying your own hardware, and it reduces the overall cost while allowing beginner investors to mine cryptocurrencies easily.

Speaking of cloud mining safety, yes, it is safe to use as long as you are sticking to legit cloud mining companies. Ultimately, cloud mining shouldn’t be challenging to use, and it provides safety to the miners.

On the other hand, there are plenty of Cloud mining scams over the internet, which creates questions in the mind of users whether they should invest or not.

Why is Cloud Mining Not Popular Yet?

One of the key reasons why cloud mining is not popular yet is because most people think Cloud mining is a Ponzi scheme and scam. It is due to the fact that cybercriminals are actively manipulating the people’s interest not just by deploying the cryptocurrency-mining malware but fake android Apps and websites that prey on those who are mining beginners.

So, investors who are lost in the crypto mania are attracted by the idea of getting large profits without investing much. This attraction has given many fake platforms a chance to initiate Ponzi schemes.

Basically, in Ponzi schemes, service providers pay previous investors from the investments of new investors without operating a real mining rig to generate genuine mining output. In short, they run this whole process by paying old customers from the payments of new clients, and after some time, when the game is no longer profitable, the scammers would take all the money and disappear.

Hence proved the concerns about Cloud mining are totally valid and authentic.

So what could be done? How can we use the cloud mine safely?

No worries!

DMEX to the Rescue: NFT and Decentralization

DMEX has come into the market to resolve such Ponzi scheme issues with their NFT and decentralization crypto mining design.

DMEX is the world’s first decentralized mining power financial service platform that provides innovative mining power NFT and P2P mining power trading marketplace.

● DMEX tokenizes crypto mining power into the NFTs, and it can be uploaded to the blockchain so miners can enjoy the benefits of decentralization and total transparency.

● By tokenizing crypto mining power into the NFT, DMEX has turned conventionally fixed assets/mining power into highly liquid assets that can be easily exchangeable/tradeable in the DMEX mining power OTC marketplace.

● When you buy the DMEX mining power NFT, you can start earning mining income right away without the hassle of handling the physical mining machines.

The Bottom Line

DMEX is a budget-friendly and reliable decentralized crypto cloud mining platform that doesn’t work as a centralized platform with relatively poor fund security and possibilities of scams. Also, in a centralized platform, you can’t see where your money is and don’t have control over the platform’s fund management.

With the decentralized DMEX platform, all data is uploaded on the blockchain, making every transaction completely transparent. You can easily monitor every cent of your money! Go to DMEX, find their contract address on blockchain explorer, and see for yourself!

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.