DMEX’s First Anniversary Review

4 min readDec 31, 2021

Adios, 2021
Bon jour, 2022!

The past decade has witnessed a great explosion of mining power. A brand new form of crypto mining ecosystem business is rapidly evolving. However, the highly demanding hardware requirement and complicated setup and maintenance process have deterred many people. Cloud mining offers a possible solution, however, traditional cloud mining platforms are plagued with information barriers and hefty entry prerequisites. Thus, the decentralized mining power service platform DMEX was born.

DMEX links miners and users with cutting-edge blockchain technology. DMEX creatively solved many key problems with the traditional cloud mining power trading market, such as the risk of non-payments, the lack of liquidity for mining power assets, and non-transparent mining returns for average mining power buyers. DMEX’s unique mining power NFT system allows every average user to enjoy the benefit of crypto mining. Looking back at 2021, DMEX has established numerous important milestones ……

Key Data in 2021

Global user: 300,000+
Total FIL mining power volume: 30 PiB+
FIL deposit: 280,000+
TVL peak value: $52,000,000
Total BTC mining power volume: 2,000 T
Total DMC destroyed: 4,080,000+
Total user income: $5,600,000$+

DMEX Significant Events

2021/12/24 DMEX 1.0 deployment was completed on the Ethernet network. DMEX mining power NFT was officially launched

2021/01/17 Mining Power Marketplace was launched, users can buy FIL mining power NFT to earn FIL mining income with one-click purchase
2021/01/19 Mining power NFT trading function was online, this enables easy circulation and transfer of mining power NFT assets
2021/01/20 The first batch of 1 PiB FIL mining power was sold out within 45 seconds upon launch
2021/01/30 DMEX and NonEntropy Technology reached a strategic cooperation, NonEntropy provided 10 PiB of effective FIL mining power for DMEX

2021/02/03 AEX led the investment on DMEX, followed by LinkVC, Waterdrip Capital, and other investors to raise a total amount of $1 million to fund DMEX
2021/02/15 Heco chain deployment was completed, DMEX started to feature lower gas fees and faster on-chain user transactions
2021/02/18 DMEX 2.0 was officially launched, support for FIL and HUSD lossless mining was added, DMC liquidity mining pool was launched
2021/02/20 DMEX’s DApp was simultaneously launched on TokenPocket, imToken, BitKepp, Huobi Wallet, and several other wallets

2021/03/10 DMC staking pool was opened, DMEX added more support for native DMC application scenarios

2021/04/14 DMEX successfully passed two audits from CertiK and Chengdu Beosin

2021/05/18 DMC was launched on HOO Exchange, DMC has achieved a maximum gain of 174% on the first day

2021/06/10 DMEX interface was upgraded with over 50+ page interaction optimizations

2021/07/08 Mining power NFT collateral loan product was launched, this DeFi product unleashes the maximum value of mining power NFT with an annualized return rate up to 300%+
2021/07/18 FIL mining power NFT collateral loan has launched for 10 days, the total pledged FIL mining power NFT collateral has exceeded 2PiB, the total deposit volume has exceeded 200,000 FIL

2021/08/10 DMC’s cumulative repurchase and destruction volume has exceeded 3.1 million within 6 months
2021/08/13 DMC completed its first cycle of production reduction, with daily output reduced from 144,000 to 72,000

2021/09/02 DMEX DAO community governance phase I product was launched. The DAO board locked staking pools were opened
2021/09/13 DMC’s daily buyback and burn schedule was published on the blockchain, the daily average destruction volume exceeded 5,000 DMC

2021/10/20 DMEX added support for Binance Smart Chain chain and completed cross-chain integration and circulation of DMC

2021/12/07 DMC was launched on the AEX Exchange, with a maximum gain of 258% on the first day of launch
2021/12/09 DMEX added support for FIL cross-chain exchange on Binance Smart Chain, FIL main network, and Heco multi-chain interchange
2021/12/16 DMEX launch its first batch of BTC mining power NFT, it sold out within 20 minutes
2021/12/22 DMEX launched DMC/USDT and DMC/BNB liquidity mining on Binance Smart Chain

In the coming year of 2022, DMEX will continue to fulfill its goal of providing a robust value-added asset to everyone in the blockchain world. Our community is the cornerstone of our success, we deeply appreciate all your trust and guidance.

As we approach the dawn of the new year 2022, DMEX is ready to take you on a new journey towards crypto mining greatness, come along and bear witness.

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.