DMEX’s Chia mining power NFT is your best chance to seize the green mining opportunity

In recent years, with an increasing number of people flocking into the cryptocurrency mining market, the demand for high-quality mining machines has been surging. So is the price of high-end graphic processing units (GPU). Over the last few weeks, the hard drives, another critical PC component are also in great demand due to the emergence of a new cryptocurrency, Chia.

What is Chia and why is it so popular among miners and average investors?

Firstly, Chia built an eco-friendly network.

Chia is a cryptocurrency network created to provide a more sustainable blockchain protocol for an improved global financial and payment system. Unlike Bitcoin, which requires massive amounts of processing power and electricity, Chia’s blockchain and transaction platform use hard drive storage capacity for its consensus mechanism. This is considered a ‘Green’ alternative to Bitcoin.

Secondly, Chia is created by a team of big brains

The Chia Network is founded in 2017, by the legendary programmer and inventor of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen. BitTorrent is the first peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol in the cryptocurrency world, also an inspiration to the Bitcoin protocol. Cohen has built a team of highly experienced leaders at Chia, including Ryan Singer, the co-founder, and COO of Tradehill Inc, a virtual currency exchange, and Elizabeth Stark, the CEO of Lightning Labs.

Thirdly, Chia is backed by world-renowned investment institutions.

Chia is highly popular among investment institutions. World-renowned investment institutions including AngelList, A16Z, and Greylock have all invested in Chia. AngelList, an investment giant in the traditional industry, has invested in Twitter and Uber. A16Z is a leading venture capital in the crypto field, with UNI and FIL as its representative projects. Greylock Partners is one of the oldest venture capital companies and the top venture capital in Silicon Valley. Greylock Partners has invested in famous social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and etc. With these major investment institutions, Chia is ready to soar.

What is worth mentioning is that Chia mining is still in its early and most profitable stage. Its token XCH has a great potential to appreciate.

According to the Chia consensus and the current growth rate of Chia mining power, Chia mining is still in its early and most profitable stage before September 2021. It is estimated that by mid-August, the Chia mining power of the entire network could reach 6000P. Suppose the price of a hard drive is 100 USD per T, combing with the operation and maintenance fee, the total hardware cost of investment could reach 650 million USD. With the total Chia mining output of about 1.4 million XCH, the mining cost of each XCH would be 465 USD. Hypothetically, the PoW could reach an earnings multiple of nearly 5 times. The price of each XCH would be 2350 USD, while the total value of XCH would be 3.25 billion USD. Chia’s total market value would rank about 50 among all cryptocurrencies.

According to the above analysis, XCH has a great potential to appreciate. The current bull market will definitely further fuel XCH’s appreciation. According to the Chia mining mechanism, under the circumstance, the total output of XCH will remain stable. The sooner average users participate in Chia mining, the higher profit they could earn.

At present, there are many different kinds of Chia mining power products on the market. It is highly recommended that investors should consider three major factors when they choose Chia mining power products, including the cost per T, the mining income per T, and the payback period. Investors’ judgment of the future cryptocurrency market is also essential in making the final decision. With the current over-the-counter prices of XCH and the growth rate of Chia mining power, the payback period of Chia mining power investments has been lengthened. For users who intend to participate in Chia mining with low risks, the DMEX Chia mining power NFT product is a great option.

DMEX Chia mining power NFT is very friendly to average investors. Average investors can purchase DMEX Chia mining power NFT products and earn Chia mining income on a daily basis. DMEX has been deployed on the Huobi Heco chain. According to DMEX official press release, the platform is releasing a second wave of Chia mining power NFT products at 12:00pm (GMT+1), Thursday 14th May. The quantity is limited to 500T, first come first served. DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform. DMEX’s Chia mining power is backed by brand new hard drives from reputable brands. The mining income will be settled within the second day (T+1) with zero waiting period. With Chia’s recent rise, now is a great time to purchase Chia mining power NFT from DMEX and seize the great opportunity.

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