1-What is the DMEX platform?

DMEX is the world’s first decentralized mining power financial service platform.

DMEX1.0 (Mining power NFT launch, trade, and collateral loan)

DMEX2.0 (Users participate in decentralized joint mining. Real time settlement for mining incomes. 24/7 flexible deposit and withdrawal)

DMEX3.0 (Participate in Proof of Work mining, liquidity mining, and Proof of Stake mining to obtain platform token DMC)

2-DMEX Official Website

DMEX DApp address:

3-Advantages of the DMEX platform

(1) The decentralized platform guarantees that the mining power data is completely open and transparent. The mining income is genuine and trustworthy. The platform will not embezzle users’ funds.

(2) Traditional mining power platforms do not support over the counter mining power tradings. DMEX provides over the counter mining power tradings with ABS and mining power NFT. This will greatly improve asset liquidity.

(3) DMEX are providing a wide range of investment options to help users earn multiple incomes. Options include but not limited to: Mining power tradings, collateral loans, liquidity mining, mutual insurance, and joint mining.

(4) DMEX greatly reduced the entry barrier to mining for the average users. Investing with DMEX is both secure and profitable.

(5) The DAO communal governance is designed to protect all users’ rights. Users can withdraw their incomes without delays.

(6) DMEX offers a joint mining product similar to Alipay’s Yu’er Bao. Users are free to deposit or withdraw their fund 24/7. The annualized return rate could reach 70%.

4-How to join DMEX

(1) Purchase mining power on DMEX platform to participate in cloud mining

(2) Tokenize mining power assets into NFT, stake NFTs as collateral to obtain a loan and unlock more incomes

(3) Participate in swing tradings. Users are free to sell the mining power at any time they want. The mining income are settled on a daily basis

(4) Invest FIL/HUSD to the joint mining pool to participate in secure and stable joint mining.

(5) Participate in proof of Work mining and liquidity mining to earn multiple incomes.

5-How to earn incomes?

(1) Upon purchasing mining power on DMEX platform, users will earn a daily mining income

(2) Users can stake NFTs as collateral to obtain a loan and reinvest the loan back into mining power purchases. By adopting this method users will earn a leveraged income.

(3) Invest FIL/HUSD into the joint mining pool to participate in joint mining. Users will earn an annualized return rate of up to 70%.

6-DMEX platform token

The DMEX platform token is Decentralized Mining Coin (DMC). The total issuance is 100 million. The block reward is 5DMC/block. The block reward will be halved every six months. DMC holders are entitled to in-depth participation in the governance and future development of the DMEX platform. DMC holders are also entitled to share the revenue generated from DMEX’s development.

7-DMC allocations

50% Mining (50 million)

20% Private Placement (20 million)

10% DAO Risk Management Fund (10 million)

10% DMEX Foundation (10 million)

10% DMEX development team (10 million)

8-How to obtain DMC

(1) 30% is obtained from Proof of Work mining. Participate in Proof of Work mining to obtain DMC;

(2) 70% is obtained from liquidity mining. Participate in liquidity mining to obtain DMC;

(3) Directly purchase DMC from MDEX exchange.

9-Primary DMEX investors

As a high quality project in collaboration with HECO, DMEX financial service platform has secured millions of dollars of investments from AEX Anyin, LinkVC, Zhizhen capital, ChainFor capital, WaterDrip capital, and several other well-known venture capital institutions

10-DMEX and the Huobi Ecosystem HECO Chain

DMEX is a DApp deployed on the Huobi Ecosystem HECO Chain. DMEX has low gas fee and high liquidity. As a high quality project, DMEX has received numerous supports from the Huobi Ecosystem, such as internet traffic, resources, investments, and media coverage.

Contact us:

Official website:

Telegram: DMEX Chat

Twitter: @DMEX_finance

Medium: dmex.medium

Discord: dmex-finance




DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.

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