DMEX Product Roadmap for 2021 Second Quarter

3 min readMay 12, 2021

DMEX will release a new batch of Chia mining power NFT product (Early May)

DMEX will release more brand new mining power NFT products in its NFT marketplace while continuously support the current FIL mining power NFT and Chia mining power NFT. Meanwhile, DMEX is currently conducting feasibility studies and risk assessments on ICP, SWARM, and CRU mining power NFT products. DMEX will also improve its mining machine vendors review mechanism and its risk control mechanism to verify the quality and effectiveness of the mining power NFTs.

DMEX will improve its mining power NFT trading risk management. New mining power NFT collateral pool come online (Mid-May)

DMEX will launch the mining power NFT collateral pool to ensure that users can easily purchase and profit from mining power NFTs. DMEX will require mining machine vendors to stake a certain amount of DMEX’s platform token DMCs before they can sell their mining power on DMEX. These DMCs would be reserved as the compensation funds for DMEX users when mining machine vendors fail to provide effective mining power.

Cross-chain ecosystem construction (Late May)

DMEX plans to deploy on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) around late May. DMEX will also launch the liquidity mining on BSC to provide more options for DMEX users as well as elevate the platform’s influence and visibility.

DMEX further increases users’ mining income. Yield Aggregator come online (Mid-June)

DMEX will employ a Yield Aggregator to increase the utilization efficiency of users’ assets in the joint mining pool. With the new Yield Aggregator, not only can users earn profits from their mining power NFTs, but also can they invest their idle funds in liquidity mining to generate more revenues.

New version of DAPP come online to unveil brand new product experience (Late June)

DMEX will release a new version of its DAPP to the public in late June. DMEX will reconstruct the current product structure, optimize interaction experience, and improve openness and transparency. The new version of DAPP will bring users a brand new product experience.

DMEX will establish the DAO community to realize a truly open and self-governing platform (Mid-July)

DMEX strives to create an open, autonomous, safe and transparent community. The establishment of the DAO community will be a major milestone for DMEX. DMEX will engage all DMC holders in the future development of the platform.

DMEX will release the NFT collateral loan product to tackle users’ difficulties in short term working capital turn over (Late July)

DMEX will release the NFT collateral loan product in late July. This product will support the prosperity of mining machine vendors and increase users’ mining incomes. It will also increase the value and enhance the liquidity of mining power NFTs. Once users’ short-term working capital turnover problem is solved, the entire mining power NFT market will further thrive.

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.