DMEX platform design concepts

3 min readMar 4, 2021


The DMEX platform provides effective mining power in NFT (non-fungible token). The mining power NFT can be sold and transferred on the decentralized platform. Users can obtain effective mining power for one year or other time elapses by holding NFT. During the valid period, the NFTs can be transferred freely. We also plan to provide Defi features, such as supporting NFT staked lending, NFT staked mining, etc. In this way, the issuer of mining power can lock in stable income in advance, and the investors purchases NFT to obtain mining income. The investors can also obtain additional return through the Defi features.

NFTization of mining power

Decentralized joint mining

DMEX platform will prioritize the launch of Filecoin decentralized joint mining. Users can deposit FIL to the joint mining pool to obtain the corresponding pool’s mining income. Users are free to deposit and withdraw both the principle and the income at any time.

Derivative Product-Decentralized joint mining

Mining model

The block reward of DMEX platform token DMC is 5 DMC. For DMC, 30% is obtained from behavioral mining, 70% is obtained from liquidity mining, The block reward will reduce by half every half calendar year.

1. Behavioral mining

Users stake dToken as collateral to obtain DMC

How to obtain DMC with behavioral mining:

(1) Users deposit HUSD/FIL to participate in platform joint mining to obtain dToken

(2) Users stake dToken as collateral to obtain platform token DMC

2. Liquidity mining

Launch platform token DMC liquidity mining, users can stake transaction pairs such as HUSD/DMC or ETH/DMC to obtain platform token DMC.

3. Staked mining

Users stake platform token DMC as collateral to obtain DMC

4. Buyback and destruction

DMEX platform will collect part of the mining income from joint mining and 1/1000 of the dToken repurchase and destruction amount as the platform fee on a daily basis; the platform will use 80% of the total platform revenue to repurchase and destroy the platform coin DMC on a monthly basis until the total quantity of remaining DMC tokens is 21 million.

DMEX platform token

The DMEX platform token is Decentralized Mining Coin (DMC). The total issuance is 100 million. The block reward is 5DMC/block. The block reward will be halved every six months. DMC holders are entitled to in-depth participation in the governance and future development of the DMEX platform. DMC holders are also entitled to share the revenue generated from DMEX’s development.

DMC allocations

50% Mining (50 million)

20% Private Placement (20 million)

10% DAO Risk Management Fund (10 million)

10% DMEX Foundation (10 million)

10% DMEX development team (10 million)

Token distribution and unlocking rules




DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.