DMEX official press release — May 8th, 2021

On May 7th, 2021, DMEX has completed its third and largest buyback-and-burn operation so far. A total of 289292.08 DMC tokens have been transferred to a black-hole address and burned. This buyback-and-burn operation will continue to facilitate the deflation of DMC and increase DMC’s future value.

Buyback-and-burn details:

Chia mining power NFT (500T) platform service fee: 6038.054506 DMC

Joint mining pool platform service fee: 13200.84 DMC

Joint mining pool and FIL mining power NFT (512T) platform service fee: 270053.1886 DMC’

Total token burned: 289292.08 DMC

Black-hole address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001

DMC is the platform token of DMEX. The total issuance is 100 million pieces, 50% of which is generated by mining. On a monthly basis, DMEX will allocate 80% of the total platform fee revenue toward user benefits, among which 40% will be designated as the reward for DMC mining single token staking pool, 60% will be invested on buyback-and-burn until the total remaining DMC amount is 21 million. This buyback-and-burn operation will continue facilitate the deflation of DMC.

DMEX is the first high quality DeFi project in the mining power industry on the Heco chain. DMEX will also join the Binance Smart Chain in the near future. DMEX offers mining power trading and transaction, liquidity mining, joint mining, Proof of Work mining, NFT backed collateral loan, and various other DeFi products.

Contact us:

Official website:

Telegram: DMEX Chat

Twitter: @DMEX_finance

Medium: dmex.medium



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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.