DMEX Mining Instructions

I. Obtain FIL or HUSD

Please note: HFIL refers to FIL purchased from Huobi; Please select the HECO chain when you withdraw HFIL. HUSD is obtained by selling USDT; Please select the HECO chain when you withdraw HUSD).

Step 2 — After you have purchased FIL or HUSD, click ‘Balances’, search for FIL or HUSD, click on the token name to enter the details page.

Step 3 — Click ‘Withdraw’to withdraw HFIL (Follow the same steps to withdraw HUSD)

Step 4 — Select HECO chain, copy your wallet address and paste/enter it into the withdraw address, enter your desired withdrawal amount. Double check the address and amount, press the ‘withdraw’ button at the bottom.

II. Withdraw your tokens to your wallets

This instruction manual is based on TokenPocket. The following steps will demonstrate how to participate in DMEX mining with TokenPocket.

Step 1 — Select Huobi HECO BlockChain

Step 2 — If you have an existing wallet, click ‘Import’. If you does not have an existing wallet, click ‘Create’.

(Token Pocket download link:

Step 3 — When you have successfully created/entered your wallet, please click the ‘+’ symbol at the top right corner.

Step 4 — Click the search bar to find HFIL or HUSD (HECO token), click the ‘+’ symbol on the right of the token name.

Step 5 — Go back to your asset tab. You should see HFIL or HUSD in your asset display. Click on HFIL or HUSD to enter the token details page.

Step 6 — Click ‘Receive’

Step 7 — Click ‘Copy’. Go to Huobi Exchange to paste the address and withdraw your tokens.

III. Participate in DMEX Mining

IV. Joint Mining

Step 1 — When you first entered DMEX, your HFIL Balance should be zero. Click ‘Deposit’ to participate in the joint mining.

Step 2 — enter the amount of HFIL or HUSD you wished to invest in joint mining, click ‘Confirm’, double check all details, authorize the deposit and press ‘Confirm’ again.

Once you have successfully completed all the steps above, your participation in the joint mining is automatically registered.

Click ‘Claim your income’ to claim your mining income. Click ‘Redeem’ to withdraw the HFIL you invested in the joint mining pool.

V. Proof of Work (PoW) Mining

Step 1 — Click the menu button on the top right corner to access the menu.

Step 2 — Select ‘DeFi mining’, then click ‘PoW mining’

Step 3 — When you entered the PoW mining details page, select the joint mining pool you wish participate. At present, DMEX provides HFIL and HUSD joint mining. Click the ‘Choose’ button.

Step 4 — Take HFIL as an example. Click ‘Deposit’ to participate in PoW mining. Click ‘Income’ to claim your DMC reward. Click ‘Redeem’ to withdraw the DLP you deposited.

VI. Liquidity Mining

Step 1 — Return to TokenPocket. Go to the Discover tab, find and click ‘Mdex’.

Step 2 — When you entered MDEX, click ‘资金池’, click ‘添加流动性’

Step 3 — Select your desired transaction pair. This instruction is based on the HUSD-DMC transaction pair. After you selected the transaction pair, enter the amount of tokens you wish to invest in the liquidity mining pool. The DMC quantity must be maintained at 1:1 ratio to HUSD. When you have completed all the steps above, click ‘Supply’.

Step 4 — Return to TokenPocket. Go to the Discover tab, switch to the Heco page, find and click ‘DMEX’.

Step 5 — When you entered DMEX, click the menu button at the top right corner to access the menu.

Step 6 — Select ‘DeFi mining’ then click ‘Liquidity mining’

Step 7 — When you entered liquidity mining, you can choose the liquidity pool corresponding to the transaction pair you supplied on MDEX. Select the corresponding liquidity pool in DMEX, click ‘Deposit’ and enter your wallet password to participate in the liquidity mining. Click ‘Income’ to claim your liquidity mining reward. Click ‘Redeem’ to withdraw the LP token you deposited.

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