DMEX is launching the 3.0 version — single asset staking

4 min readMar 15, 2021

DMEX is accelerating its globalization process

It is reported that DMEX plans to officially launch its DMC single asset staking FIL mining product at 8 pm on Monday, March 15th. With the new product, DMEX will continue to expand its platform liquidity based on joint mining and liquidity mining. DMEX will provide more convenient financial services for users, miners, and investors.

The 3.0 version facilitates asset liquidity and provide more income for the users

With the continuous upgrades of the product, i.e. from the mining power marketplace in the 1.0 version to the liquidity mining and joint mining products in the 2.0 version, DMC’s trading volume has been steadily increasing. DMEX’s TVL data is stabilizing around 20 million USD. The mining income is relatively stable. With the positive feedback from DMEX community users at home and abroad, DMEX’s products are becoming more and more popular among users in terms of both user experience and product functions. The DMEX platform has been upgraded again to add more DeFi instruments. Users can enjoy multiple options to participate and earn great rewards.

DMEX has added the mining function in its 2.0 version. Currently, the total mining power is 4P. The daily coin production is around 400 FIL. The platform charges a 5% service fee which is equivalent to approximately 20 FIL. 80% of the service fees will be redistributed to the users. The total cashback amount is 16 FIL. 60% of the cashback will be used for DMC buyback and burn. 40% of the cashback will be distributed as rewards for DMC single asset staking. That is to say, the platform will allocate 6.4 FIL to supplement the platform treasury. The current price of FIL is 47USDT. The daily mining income is 300U. If the total amount of staked DMC reaches 1 million, according to the current price of DMC (0.36U), the annual percentage yield (APY) will be around 30%.

According to the person in charge of DMEX, new miners are joining the DMEX platform. They will bring around 2P to 4P of mining power on board. If the total amount of staked DMC reaches 1 million, the APY will reach 54%. If the total amount of staked DMC reaches 5 million, the APY will be around 10%.

Catch the NFT hotspot and ride with the DeFi wave

Investors who caught the DeFi hotspot last year had the great opportunity to increase their net value by a hundredfold or even a thousandfold. In February this year, newly emerged NFT products are highly sought after by investors. Its market trading volume exploded to over $ 340 million. NFT became even hotter than DeFi.

At present, NFT is becoming more and more diverse. Many different products are attempting to utilize the NFT idea, including NFT collectibles, cards, games, virtual clothing, social token, and other similar scenarios. NFT’s ecological infrastructures are becoming more and more comprehensive.

DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform. DMEX has an innate affinity for DeFi products. DMEX creatively tokenizes mining powers into NFT, perfectly deployed on the Huobi Eco Chain (HECO). At present, DMEX provides mining power marketplace, liquidity mining, joint mining, mining power backed collateral loan, and other DeFi services. The head of DMEX has stated that ‘Our platform is committed to providing financial stability and equilibrium for both the users, the miners, and the mining power vendors. We have a strong and highly profitable business model. As for the innovation part, we have been researching the collisions between traditional financial ABS and DeFi so as to maximize asset liquidity. We are in a very advantageous position when it comes to mining power products. We also have our own clear global strategic plans. We hope that more talented people will join our platform’.

The boundaries between NFT and DeFi will gradually diminish. Projects based on the combination of NFT and DeFi may witness exciting breakthroughs in 2021. They are likely to become the core of blockchain innovations for the years to come. The great story of DMEX has only just begun.

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.