DMEX is joining the 2022 DoraHacks Global Blockchain Hackathon

2 min readApr 24, 2022

DMEX (Decentralized Mining Exchange) recently announced that its dev team is competing in the 2022 DoraHacks Global Blockchain Hackathon. This Hackathon aims to find and nurture the most creative and technically hardcore tech geeks and innovation teams. DMEX ( is a multi-chain crypto mining financial services platform. DMEX links miners with average crypto investors by creating hash power NFT assets for Erc721 tokens such as BTC, ETH, and Filecoin. DMEX’s hash power NFT confirms users’ unique ownership and greatly facilitates crypto mining assets’ transfer and trading. DMEX also integrates multiple DeFi products such as collateral loans, term deposits, and aggregated joint mining. DMEX is dedicated to providing a stable passive income for both the miners and the investors.

Based on DMEX’s innovative hash power NFT service, DMEX further constructs an open infrastructure for the metaverse. DMEX bridges the gap between real-world data and blockchain smart contract interaction with cutting-edge multi-scenario applications. DMEX supports emerging industries such as GameFi and Web3 with effective hash power NFT solutions, adding interactive features and more earning potentials to crypto hash power NFT.

DMEX’s info is now listed on the DoraHacks website (, we would like to invite you to check out the Hackathon information and vote for DMEX!

About DoraHacks: Founded in 2014, DoraHacks is leveraging their community of 20,000 hackathon hackers, 300,000+ outreached developers and top partners to bridge the gap between enterprise problems and hackers globally. DoraHacks is partnered with prominent enterprises from multiple sectors, including BOSCH, Microsoft, China Mobile, Coca-Cola and Daimler AG. Furthermore, DoraHacks has partnerships with leading blockchain projects, including Binance, BCH Foundation, Bitmain, NEO, TrueChain, Huobi, and Fenbushi Capital.

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.