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Unlike the process of writing code, the creation of a crypto community is difficult to imagine as an algorithm. The community is a living phenomenon, the construction of which requires an understanding of human desires rather than formulas and codes. Over the past years, many emerging crypto projects have attracted huge investments. One of the most important foundations of these thriving new projects is the activity of the community that supports them. As a rule, hodlers of crypto assets attach great importance to property rights, management, and project performance. The success of a cryptocurrency is largely determined by the size of its community.

Are you interested in DeFi and crypto mining? Do you have friends who are also interested in crypto? Join the DMEX community partnership program today to expand your influence and produce more earning opportunities for both yourself and your friends!

Participate in three simple steps:

1. Register your interest with DMEX official representatives;

2. Create a new DMEX chat group with your friends and followers;

3. Get rewarded!

Why should you consider becoming a DMEX community promotion partner?

1. The DMEX community promotion program has straight-forward rules and fast payout;

2. We won’t ever ask you to throw your friends and followers off the bus! DMEX offers beneficial rates and great earning for both you, your friends, and your followers.

3. DMEX is reliable.

(1) DMEX has been up and running for over 6 months.

(2) Our smart contract is open source and twice audited by two separate audit agencies.

(3) We do not hide behind anonymity, our team is headed by well-recognized industry leaders.

(4) DMEX has successfully completed 4 major updates and released a good variety of mining power NFT products. These products are very competitive on the market, some of the hot-selling mining NFT products nearly always sold out within seconds from release.

(5) While, admittedly, our platform token DMC has not been soaring, we are in for the long run, therefore we choose to focus less on short-term token price fluctuation but rather on the long-term platform product ecosystem. We promise to never engage in any form of token price manipulation, rug-pull, or pump-and-dump. Instead, we are fully committed to developing better mining power NFT and mining power DeFi products. We welcome any and all community feedback to improve our product and customer service.

Rule details:

1.1 You must register with DMEX official representatives by filling in the registration form;

1.2 We will strive to supply every promotional material you might need to kick start your groups, such as project white paper, project audit report, product manual, DApp instruction, platform infographic, promotional posters, and banners. If you need any further promotional materials, please reach to our representatives, submit your request and we will get the materials ready for you as soon as we can. Please note at present we only supply materials in English, please arrange your own translation service when you deem it necessary.

2.1 You must create a new chat group with the group name containing the keyword ‘DMEX’;

2.2 You can create the chat group on any messenger app or social platform of your choosing. For example, Telegram, Wechat, WhatsApp, Line, Discord, Facebook messenger, Viber, Kakao Talk, Phoenix, Zalo, IMO, etc.;

2.3 Your payment is calculated by how many users stay in your group. The larger your group is, the more promotion payment you will earn;

2.4 Your group needs to maintain a minimum activity level to be eligible for the promotion payment. You and your group members are free to discuss DMEX or DeFi and crypto mining related topics in your native language;

2.5 Inactive group will not be counted toward your total payment until they turn active again. Discussing topics irrelevant to crypto will not be counted toward your total payment;

3.1 When your new DMEX chat group is ready, please invite a DMEX official representative to your group for direct customer service and fast promotion payment;

3.2 Your payment is calculated by how many users stay in your group, for example, if you are based in India, you might earn up to $0.1 ETH for a 500-members Telegram group and 1 $ETH for a 3000-members Facebook group. The exact payment varied by three factors: (1) your chosen social platform (2) group size (3) country or region. We may also give out additional rewards for multiple groups, highly active groups, and groups that stay active for an extensive period. The total payment will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please reach a DMEX official representative to detail your options and discuss your reward schedule.

3.3 DMEX has a long-running invitation program. If you invite your friends and followers to purchase DMEX platform token $DMC or DMEX mining power NFT products, you could earn a referral reward and your friend can enjoy a lower discount rate. The referral reward program will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. Please reach a DMEX official representative to detail your options and discuss your reward schedule.

Thank you for your interest in DMEX. Let’s build a better DeFi and crypto mining community today!

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DMEX is a decentralized mining power financial service platform utilizing DAO and smart contract to provide innovative DeFi and NFT products.