AMA Recap: DMEX with Crypto Toys Club

3 min readApr 7, 2022


On Thursday, April 8, DMEX’s CTO Rufus Jiang joined the Crypto Toys Club Discord community for a live AMA. If you missed this AMA, don’t worry. This blog post includes a brief highlight reel of the live AMA session. Are you eager to learn about DMEX’s newest updates? Here we go :)

Question: What are your best recommendations for cost-effective crypto mining NFT products?

Rufus@DMEX: At the moment DMEX’s FIL mining product has the highest yield, but of course BTC mining NFT is also a very popular option among our enthusiastic users all over the world

Question: Can we customize the mining power NFT with different projects?

Rufus@DMEX: Sure, we do offer this NFT customization service to any project that’s interested in a collaboration

Question: How do we proceed with NFT mining? Do we buy your tokens directly?

Rufus@DMEX: Simply use USDT or FIL or DMC as the payment method to purchase our mining power NFT.

Upon the purchase, the mining will automatically start within 24 hours. You don’t need to do anything further. Simply hold the mining power NFT in your address and you will automatically receive the corresponding mining output.

Question: What is the minimum investment amount?

Rufus@DMEX: DMEX is a very beginner-friendly platform and our mission is to serve the general public. You can invest as little as $1 if you prefer.

Question: Where do we purchase your NFT? Can we buy it from other NFT trading platforms?

Rufus@DMEX: Our mining power NFT is uniquely customized, you can think of it as your certificate of owning actual hash power from a physical mining machine maintained by DMEX.

You can purchase our mining power NFT from the DMEX dapp (BSC) (HECO)

Question: There is a time limit to your mining power NFT?

Rufus@DMEX: Yes, our BTC mining power NFTs are available in two options, 540 and 1080 days.

FIL mining power NFT is usually effective for 540 days.

Question: Does my mining earning subject to linear release?

Rufus@DMEX: Yes, with FIL mining, according to FIL’s official mining rules, 25% of the mining output is released immediately and 75% of the mining output will be released linearly over the next 180 days

You can collect your earnings from the DMEX dapp, every day, or once a week or twice a month, as you wish.

Question: 540 days lock-up period is a long wait?

Rufus@DMEX: Our mining power NFT does not have any lock-in period.

540 days is the validity period of your NFT

In other words, if you buy this NFT today, you will be able to receive the mining output every day for the next 540 days.

Question: Will you expand to other chains at a later date?

Rufus@DMEX: Currently DMEX supports ETH, HECO, and BSC. We are also considering the Matic chain. We welcome community suggestions, as DMEX supports DAO governance, all DAO proposals, once voted pass by the community referendum, will be faithfully implemented by the DMEX dev team.

Question: Oh okay I miscomprehended the idea. I thought it was the same as staking.

Rufus@DMEX: DMEX also provides single token staking and liquidity mining, as well as multiple DeFi products such as crypto term deposits.

However, in today’s AMA, I mainly introduced DMEX’s NFT product, which is not really the same thing as staking.

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